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Seamless payments for your Web3 project.

Our API first solution enables you to integrate fiat payments in any context of Web3.

Features, how you like them

We believe that Web3 should be easy for everyone: Developers should be able to integrate payments the way they want it and endusers should experience the same ease as in Web2.0.

Direct-to-any token on-ramp

Allow your users to purchase any token or NFT they want.

API & SDK first

We believe the best journey is a seamless journey. We give you the API to create the UX you want.

Advanced payment solutions

Integrate the preferred payment methods of your users, like virtual IBANs, or iDEAL.

The right solution for every use-case


The most flexible on-ramp solution on the market. We are API first, meaning you are designing the user journey the way you want. Furthermore, our direct-to-any token on-ramp allows your users to directly purchase any token in your wallet.

NFT Projects

Allow your users to directly mint your NFTs, when they pay by credit card. We don´t require your users to be Web3 experts.

DeFi Projects

Let users invest into your DeFi project without the need to do multiple steps, including the swapping of various tokens. Allow them to invest just with their credit card.


Make it possible for every user to purchase your in-game items directly with their credit card or any other form of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate the Februar payment solution into my project?

We designed our payment solution in the way that gives you the maximum flexibility and at the same time keeps the integration to the lowest effort. Our documentation gives you an in-detail overview, on how to integrate the Februar payment solution into your Web3 project.

How long does it take to integrate the Februar payment solution?

We offer you the option to integrate our widget, SDK or REST API. The time required depends on what you need and whether you already have experience in using a REST API. Integrating the basic widget is done with only a few lines of code and will take you a few minutes only. Making use of the SDK, depending on your level of experience will take roughly one day. If you want to make use of our REST API to fully customize your customer journey will take a bit longer. But for experienced developers, this should take not more than a few days.

How much does it cost?

Integrating the Februar payment solution is currently free for any project. We will charge your users a transaction fee, when they use the payment solution. This transaction fee includes the credit card processing cost, as well as any other costs.

How can I reach your support?

You can reach our support via

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Integrate Web3 payments of the future, today.